Mission and Vision
To be a premier institution for attaining excellence in nurturing talents to succeed as leaders in business through active community engagement and skill development.

Excellence: An industry-ready academic program for healthcare administration engaged in making a significant and lasting contribution to the healthcare management profession.

Integrity: The Program seeks to develop students in leadership positions that will positively impact the well being of the communities they serve

Diversity: The Program embraces different backgrounds and values with different perspectives and approaches to enhance education and learning.
This is Us
Teaching: We create value excellence in teaching as the cornerstone of a successful and highly employable undergraduate healthcare education. Teachers are encouraged to interact and exchange knowledge and skills along with in-house industry practitioners.

Intellectual Contributions: We value intellectual contributions as a means of improving teaching quality and contribute to elevating our school’s reputation and standing. Our team of advisors will help the group adapt to changes and complement the learning experience for all.

Continuous Improvement: We value continuous improvement as essential to student learning and faculty development. We will upgrade by maintaining national accreditation standards and following effective assurance of learning practices.

Employability: The prime focus of the academy is to enrich & stay updated with current industry practices and make a student job ready.
Collaborative Culture: We value maintaining a working and learning environment that encourages collaborative activities. Learning from industry practitioners and collaboration with educators/partners is an everyday practice that is believed and followed.

Community Engagement: The group’s philosophy is to build community engagement through mutually beneficial endeavours, providing workforce-ready students and intellectual capital to the community. Building relationships with the community, integrating the real issues, and designing a solution are the core of our learning process.

Innovation: We work towards developing and maintaining a culture of innovation and inspiration for both students and faculty. Research & Innovation is at the core of all our policies and practices.
Academy Ethos
  • Act & learn with passion
  • Remain responsive to change
  • Learn from the best of industry practice
  • An experiential teaching-learning environment
  • Develop student skills for greater employability