About Desun Academy
The last few decades in global history has experienced unexpected challenges and unforeseen opportunities. Rise of the worldwide internet and machine learning revolution has changed the shape of the employment market both in India and around the globe. This has led to an unprecedented restructuring of the training and education domains internationally. In this time of extraordinary uncertainty the most certain approach is to “unlearn the past, nurture the present and embrace the future.”

At Desun Academy students are encouraged to use creative thinking & solution centric mindset and inculcate the discipline to make the ‘Desun Approach’ an integral part of their professional life. In addition, the Academy will embrace research as a key teaching-tool in its PG programme, mainly to achieve academic excellence along with sharpening conceptual, behavioural and technical skills.

Desun Academy with its state-of-the art campus at the heart of the city, Kolkata is equipped with the latest learning infrastructure. Furnished with high-end computer lab, digital library at the school and medical labs in the mother hospital, the Academy has ideal setting for a great learning experience.

The Academy has a team of extraordinary and dynamic faculty for the schools of Healthcare Management & Health Sciences. Desun strives to create a community of professionals to reckon with, in the service & technology industries. Also, our collaborations with leading professional and industry associations ensures a more robust industry connection for our students.

The Skill Academy which is a special initiative, will focus on human intelligence elements- effective communication, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, along with interpersonal and presentation skill. Additionally, developing Digital Agility will be a key component within the Skill Academy’s new age learning system.

At the Academy, a unique collaborative learning environment influences our students – to be curious about the “WHY” along with the “WHAT” while engaging with people and situations.