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The last few decades in global history has experienced unexpected challenges and unforeseen opportunities. Rise of the worldwide internet and machine learning revolution has changed the shape of the employment market both in India and around the globe. This has led to an unprecedented restructuring of the training and education domains internationally. In this time of extraordinary uncertainty the most certain approach is to “unlearn the past, nurture the present and embrace the future.” At Desun Academy students are encouraged to use creative thinking & solution centric mindset and inculcate the discipline to make the ‘Desun Approach’ an integral part of their professional life. In addition, the Academy will embrace research as a key teaching-tool in its PG programme, mainly to achieve academic excellence along with sharpening conceptual, behavioural and technical skills.
Teaching Methodology
The academy uses interactive teaching methods in the classroom and aims at generating interest and developing a range of learning skills.

Faculties use a variety of tools and techniques that invokes interest and stimulates motivation among the students. Role play, group discussions and projects, educational trips and excursions, use of information technology, seminars, cultural and sports events form an integral part of the education imparted in the academy.

The simple and effective teaching methods are a testimony at providing a complete and holistic approach in education,
Real World Learning
Learn By Doing
While the regular lecture session will develop a deep concept of the health care business, the internship and project work will expose them to extensive experiential learning to accrue a problem-solving ability for the healthcare industry.
From The Experts
Experience learning with the help of health care professionals and doctors alongside classroom assignments.
Projects and Internships
Our courses are designed to help you undergo projects and internships at our hospitals to help you specialize your skills.
Health Package
Dr. Mohit Kharbanda MBBS, MD, FNB (Head- BSc. Critical Care Technology Programme)
Dr. Mohit Kharbanda
MBBS, MS, M.Ch (CTVS) (Head- BSc. Perfusion Technology Programme)
Emergency & critical care are challenging fields of study which involve intense training and exposure to day to day challenges. Desun Academy ensures each student gets adequate experience to handle any emergency situation
Health Package
Dr. Suvendu Sarkar F&B(Cardiac Anasthesiology) (Head-Operation Theatre Technology Programme)
Dr. Subhendu Sarkar
F&B(Cardiac Anasthesiology) (Head-Operation Theatre Technology Programme)
Desun Academy provides practical exposure to operation theatre technology and gives students experience under top doctors of the city. city.
Skill Academy
The Academy has a mission to bridge the skill gap for its own students and eligible youth of the community. As the institute will focus on professional skill development, digital literacy, and a problem-solving mindset along with effective communication skills for its own students; the academy develops need-based skill gap programmes & provides diverse skill-sets to get each student ready for the best kind of employment.

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Skill Academy
Skill Academy
Skill Academy
The core emphasis of Desun Academy is on employability. The training & placement cell aims to work hand in hand with industry to ensure that every student gets a quality internship and placements in various domains of healthcare and management.

As a part of preparing students for their interviews, academy will organize industry visits to offer them a much-needed industry exposure. There will be regular workshops and seminars conducted by leading industry experts.

Knowledge & Affiliating Partner
The objective of the knowledge partner is to make the institute strategically connected and competitive in terms of the body of learning, academic process and resources.